Richard Faulds New Gun Sponsor Caesar Guerini

by Jason King on January 17, 2013

Caesar Guerini

Richard Faulds announced on his Facebook page today that he has a new gun sponsor, Caesar Guerini.  Faulds previously shot the Beretta DT-10/11 series shotguns in Sporting, FITASC and Mens Olympic Trap, winning numerous medals in each.  Seems like quite a coup for Caesar Guerini to land a shooter of this caliber.  From his Facebook.

"Are delighted to announce that with immediate effect, we have a fantastic NEW gun sponsor… CAESAR GUERINI…

We are very excited to be working with CAESAR GUERINI and very much looking forward to the year ahead, competing at all the major sporting and Fitasc shoots worldwide!!"

Look out for Faulds and his wife Tanya, who’s not a bad shot either, competing in championships around the globe.  Faulds is next expected to compete in the U.S. at the World English Sporting Championship in San Antonio.  Keep an eye on this blog for more!

Guerini USA

Guerini UK


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