2013 SHOT Show Update

by Jason King on January 18, 2013

2013 SHOT Show

The 2013 SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show) held each year by the NSSF is currently in full swing in Las Vegas, NV.  Here is an update from guest poster Henry Nachaj.

There are 61,000 visitors and around 30,000 exhibitors, here in Las Vegas.  The big news at Beretta is the new A400 20 gauge.  There are several barrel lengths and "Kickoff" is available making it the softest shooting 20!  They also showed the new 692 series.  Of course this is a competition model and no hunter versions are made.  The shotgun feels very lively. It is assembled presently on the regular previous 682 line but, some finishing is done in the Premium gun shop.  The new buzz is at CZ with their semi autos, the CZ912Fausti had a very nice display of their fine shotguns.  Winchester came out with a new way to see where your shot is going.  The wad keeps 1/8 Oz of shot during its flight therefore it keeps up near the center of the shot cloud.



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