Video Series: Questions on Focus with Zach Kienbaum

by Jason King on January 3, 2012

Zach Kienbaum Questions on Focus

All of 2011 I have wanted to put together a video series that would bring you some real and good advice to improve your clay target game.  Honestly, I kept putting it off trying to figure out what the best subject would be and hoping for more money to make the production better.  As the year drew to a close it was time to just take action on it so I went out to Triple B Clays in southern California and met up with Zach Kienbaum.  We spent a bit of time brainstorming a subject and this is what we came up with. 

Zach is the kind of instructor that, if you set him off talking about a subject, you’re going to get some real nuggets of gold in there.  After all he is one of the best in the game and his best years even are still ahead of him.  It’s incredible to have the opportunity to take instruction from one of the best in the world.  I decided recently that focus on the target is perhaps not as understood by up and coming shooters as it should be.  Me being one of them, I thought it would be a great subject.

We’ve all heard the phrase "keep your eye on the bird" more times than we can count.  In fact this might be a cause of us not really learning to SEE the bird properly.  You hear something so many times you begin to think you’ve gotten the idea and start to forget about what it really means.  There is actually a difference in looking at something and actually focusing intensely on it.  Let me demonstrate with the following graphic.  You should see three stationary yellow dots and a field of moving blue dots.  Concentrate your focus hard onto one of the yellow dots and the others will disappear. 

Focus illusion

Though this is somewhat of a parlor trick, this is what intense focus on the target is all about.  To see a target is one thing but to REALLY LOOK AT IT is another.  This is why instructors recommend picking out a small spot on a target to look at.  They are trying to get you to really focus on it.  But as Zach points out in the video this is not always easy or even possible.  You have to try that much harder when this is the case.

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