New FITASC World Ranking System: Fiocchi FITASC World Rankings

by Jason King on November 29, 2010


FITASC has announced preliminary details on a new world ranking system for shooters called the Fiocchi FITASC World Rankings or FFWR . It’s a points system set out for the Sporting, Compak, Universal Trench and Combined Game Shooting disciplines.  The classes for rankings are Scratch (Open), Lady, Junior, Vet and Super Vet.  Points will be awarded for international competitions such as Grand Prix’s, Continental Championships and World Championships. 

Points are awarded according to a shooters placing in these events.  The higher you place the more points you win.  Rankings will be issued each year based on the points awarded in the previous two years plus the current year.  This is pretty awesome as it will rank everybody no matter your placement.  So now instead of being lost somewhere in the scratch, which you will be unless your name is Digweed etc., you can have a rank among shooters around the globe.  This could possibly result in bragging rights if you out rank your buddies.  More details in the .pdf document below.

Fiocchi FITASC World Rankings -FFWR-


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