FITASC Rules Update

by Jason King on September 29, 2010


These rules clarifications have been on the NSCA website a while but I thought I should bring them to your attention because they will be enforced at the 2010 National Sporting Clays Association Championship

The Croc Sandal is outlawed in FITASC.  The gist of it is DO NOT SHOW UP TO THE FITASC EVENT WEARING CROCS SANDALS!  This is an official ruling and puts this issue (mostly) to bed.  Notice it says sandals, I know Crocs makes some that are like shoes that cover the whole feet.  This makes me wonder if those are now OK.  I do not know.  Save yourself any misery and don’t wear those either.  The following is the text as it reads on the NSCA site:

The very popular “Croc” sandal is not acceptable footwear for shooting FITASC. This ruling will be enforced at the 2010 National Championship.

The other ruling pertains to Report Pair scoring where the second target is a NO BIRD.  The ruling reads as follows:

On a report pair, in the case of the first target is missed and the second target is a no bird, the call is “first bird NOTED” not first bird established. When the pair is reshot, if the first target is missed again but both birds are broken on the second shot it would be scored “Kill/Kill.

This is a clarification for a rare occurrence and makes a lot of sense if you think about it.  How come these weird scenarios never happen to me or my shooting buddies?


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