10 Questions: Jenni Clark

by Jason King on March 4, 2010

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This month we put 10 Questions to Jenni Clark who is a much lauded 15 year old sub-junior shooter who hails from Liberty, Texas.  She has been making waves in the U.S. national scene and is poised to be the top Lady shooter in the country.  Just last month she won the Ladies HOA at the first major of the NSCA season the 2010 Seminole Cup.

International Sporting Clays:  Congratulations on the win at the Seminole.  You beat some big names in the Ladies, how does it feel?

Jenni Clark:  It feels great to have my first lady champ win at a major shoot.  I worked hard and did my job and it paid off.  I hope to do it again soon.

ISC:  How did you prepare for the event?  Did you do anything special?

JC:  Actually, I was a little worried about that.  The strange southeast Texas winter we’ve been having had kept me from practicing very much.  But I have been working on my mental game quite a bit and I was able to shoot with Dan (Carlisile) a few times.

ISC:  How did the shooting go for you?  What is your impression of the targets?

JC:  The first day I was distracted, I think.  Or just excited.  But by Friday afternoon, things started coming together for me.  The targets were really great.  I enjoyed that many of them were challenging and made me work for them and none of them were "fluffy". They pushed me to use what I have been working on to maintain my focus.

ISC:  Any particular station that stood out in your mind?

JC:  Not so much any particular station but it was fun shooting from the platforms they have there.  I’ve never shot like that before.

ISC:  I noticed that you did not shoot the FITASC event, do you prefer English sporting?

JC:  I do enjoy FITASC.  I just didn"t put in my schedule this shoot.  I wanted to focus on the Main Event.

ISC:  Are you still shooting a Beretta?

JC:  Yes, I love my gun.  Silver Pigeon II

ISC:  You got picked up by Pilla as a team shooter correct?

JC:  Yes, it was an awesome surprise added to an already great weekend.  I tried their Panther glasses last year because its frameless style helped me see the targets better in bunker trap.  I liked them so well I use them in sporting as well.

ISC:  Do you have some goals for shooting this year? 

JC:  I mostly want to keep working on my mental game.  I really feel like that’s my biggest obstacle to see my scores improve.  I want to be competitive in Master class.  Its time for the ladies to be at the top, too.

ISC:  What’s next up for you event wise?

JC:  I am at the Browning Briley now and will be at National FITASC next week.

ISC:  Lastly feel free to say anything you want us to know…

JC:  Just keep learning, keep it fun and keep shooting!


ISC thanks Jenni Clark for her time and cooperation.  Photo courtesy of Jenni Clark.



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